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IOLITE Original Vaporizer



  IOLITE Original Vaporizer
Manufacturer IOLITE
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Heat Up Time 1-3 minutes
Compatibility Herb
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $111.91





The IOLITE original came with no batteries. How do I use it?

This portable vaporizer doesn't need any batteries or charging cables, it uses butane to efficiently heat up your herbs to the ideal temperature.


How long will each fill up of butane last on the IOLITE?

You can get 6 full vape sessions at 10 - 15 minutes each, that's close to 2 hours of continuous use.


How will I know if the chamber is being ignited?

There is an orange light on the side of the unit that glows to indicate the chamber is being ignited. If not, you can flick on the ignition switch again.


What is the hissing sound coming off the IOLITE?

It is the sound of the butane pressure being used the heat the chamber. This is not an issue.


I already turned off the unit but why do I still see the orange indicator glowing?

This is normal and the IOLITE original is just using the excess butane gas. This will stop after a minute or so.

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