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Haze Vaporizer



  Haze Vaporizer
Manufacturer Haze Technologies
Country of Manufacture United States
Compatibility Herb
Warranty 10 years
MSRP $249.99




What type of material can be used with the Haze?

The Haze is a portable vaporizer that can vaporize Herbs, waxes and e-liquid.


How long can I use the Haze on continuous use.

I can be used continuously for around 90 minutes. And if you use the included batteries (2), it will be up to 3 hours.


The Haze comes in with 2 screens for the chambers. What are these used for?

The conduction screen has 2 sides cut off so that your material has contact with the sides of the chamber. The convection screen has no cut outs and is best for your dried herbs.


What is the second chamber for?

The second chamber has a unique cartridge that you can use for waxes and e-liquids.


How can you prevent sticking issues that is common on those vaporizers with a retracting mouthpiece design?

Several things, you can clean your mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol every 4 - 6 sessions. You can also let the unit heat up to its optimum working temperature and then slide the mouthpiece out. Another quick and easy way is to use the included brush tool to pull up the stem.

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