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DaVinci Vaporizer



DaVinci Vaporizer
Manufacturer Davinci
Country of Manufacture United States
Compatibility Herb
Heat Up Time 37 seconds
Charging Time 2 Hours
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $199.99





My unit is not charging. I got it off the box. Is there proper way of charging the DaVinci?

The Davinci needs to be charged while the unit is turned on.


How fast can the Davinci go to your desired temperature?

The Davinci will be ready in a minute. That is impressive for a internal battery operated device.


How many hits/draws can I take on the transporter before loading it up again.

You can take  comfortable 10 -15 draws.


My unit has 2 extra oil cans included. What are these for?

These handy cans can be used for essential oils. Just pop it in the heating chamber.


Where are the storage compartments on the Davinci?

Pop up the magnetic chamber and you will see a rubber compartment that can hold the oil cans, handy brush and herb storage.


How long before the automatic shut off kicks in?

It is at around 10 minutes and is designed to conserve battery life.


What are the extras I get in the package?

2 extra glasses for your concentrates, additional o-rings and screens.


What kind of material is this made of?

It is made of safe anodized aluminum.


Any recommendations in using the Eclipse?

Make sure your herbs are well shredded and take slow sips.

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