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Vapir NO2 V2



  Vapir NO2 V2
Manufacturer Vapir
Country of Manufacture United States
Compatibility Herb
Warranty 1 years
MSRP $119.99





My unit is not charging, why is this so?

You only need to turn the unit on to start charging.


What is better on this NO2 V2 than the previous models?

The NO2 V2 heats up twice as fast and boasts about 50% longer battery life.


How long can I use the unit continuously?

The NO2 V2 can be used continuously up to 90 minutes. It can be used and enjoyed while being charged.


Any tips on maintaining this device?

It's as simple as using the included brush tool. Insert the brush tool inside the chamber and give it a little twist a few times. We recommend the cleaning or this device every few sessions to keep it working flawlessly.

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