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Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer



  Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer
Manufacturer Arizer
Method Convection
Power Wall Outlet
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $139.99





Can the V-Tower make balloons like the Q?

This device doesn’t have a fan to fill up a balloon.


Mine doesn’t come with the remote?

The remote control feature is found on the Q.


Why are there 2 temperature displays?

The smaller temperature display shows what you set for the device. The larger display shows the actual device the Extreme Q is currently at.


Do I need to mix and stir my herbs to get the best vape during a session?

It is a good suggestion to mix them with the included mixing tool to maximize the usage of your materials.


How do I know what temperature to set the temperature when I use my flowers and oils?

There are a lot of resources where you find the best temperature to use your chosen flowers and oils. The material usually has a manual that says the best temperature range to get the best aroma.


So what are these plastic bags for?

These bags (also called balloons) are use to store vapor that can then be shared with friends to be enjoyed away from the unit.


Why is there a longer whip in the V-Tower compared to other vaporizers?

This is a good feature that allows air coming off the device to be cooler once it reaches the mouthpiece.

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