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Vapir Rise 2 Ultimate Vaporizer 



  Vapir Rise 2 Ultimate Vaporizer
Manufacturer Vapir
Method Convection
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $229.99




How can I toggle the temperature from F to C?

Simply hold the heat button for a few seconds and the temperature display will change.


How many people can use the Vapir Rise 2 at the same time?


This model allows 4 users to vape simultaneously. Simply use the included adaptor and enjoy.


What are the fan setting updates on the Vapir Rise 2?

The user can now turn off the fan even with the heater on. The previous session will have both turned off.


The balloon looks quite different from the first version?

Yes, the ultimate’s balloon can now be filled using the whip. It is very simple and effective. Just insert the whip into the balloon and turn on the fan.


Any tips on how to set the fan on the Vapir Rise?

Use a slower fan speed to produce thicker vapors.

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