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Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer



Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer
Manufacturer Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer
Warranty 4 years
MSRP $98.00




How long before the Easy Vape digital Vaporizer gets to operating temperature?

This device will be ready in 4 minutes. It is very easy to use for that consistent satisfying vape.


Can I use this device for my waxes and oils?

The Easy Vape is designed for dry herbs only.


Do you have tips on how to fill the herb chamber?

Make sure that you do not fill the chamber loosely. The heating element is slightly pointing upwards and the herbs might fall off the herb chamber if these are loosely packed.


What do I get from the box?

The vaporizer itself and the whip with a glass mouthpiece and herb chamber.

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