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Da Buddha Vaporizer



  Da Buddha Vaporizer
Manufacturer 7th Floor
Heat up Time 2-3 minutes
Method Convection
Compatibility Herbs
Warranty 3 years
MSRP $190.00




I only see 1 button on the Da Buddha, where are the temperature controls?

The main dial acts as the temperature dial and also functions as the on and off switch.


What is the optimal temperature range for dry herbs?

This depends on the amount of moisture on your material, and we recommend setting it on 1-2 o’clock position.


Can I use bags and balloons in the Da Buddha?

This is designed to be vaped using the whip, it does not use bags.


How do I prepare this device before I use it for vaping?

Turn on the dial to its maximum setting by rotating it to the right for 2 minutes then turn it down to your desired settings.


How do I fill up the herb chamber?

The chamber is on the other end of the whip. After grinding your herbs, fill the chamber and slightly. The chamber is then inserted sideways into the device.

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