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Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer



  Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer
Manufacturer Vaporite Inc.
Heat up Time 1-2 minutes
Method Convection
Compatibility Herbs
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $119.99






How long is the heat up time in the Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer?

It will be ready in 2 minutes depending on the setting.


How do I set the temperature on this unit?

The Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer uses a rotary switch that controls the LCD display temperature. We recommend setting the temperature at 350°F and then adjust as needed.


Can I use this devices for my waxes and oils?

This Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer is designed to be used with dry herbs and essential oils for Aromatherapy.


What do I need to do before using the device?

We recommend letting the unit run at high heat for 30 minutes to burn off manufacturing oils. Make sure to do this is a well ventilated area.


What is the heating element material?

The Vaporite Deluxe Vaporizer has a ceramic element that is very efficient in vaporizing your herbs. It also includes a ground glass vapor wand for a hands-free vaping experience.

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