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Hot Box Vaporizer 



  Hot Box Vaporizer
Manufacturer Hot Box Vapor
Heat up Time 15 minutes
Method Convection
Heating element Ceramic
Warranty 1 years
MSRP $110.00




Where are the temperature controls?

There are no temperature controls. Turn on the unit and wait a few minutes, then the unit is ready.


Where is the on and off button?

The on and off button is situated on the power cord.


How will I control the temperature of my vape?

You can vary the intensity of your draw. A slow draw will give you a warmer draw.


How do you clean the herb chamber?

Simply pull the 2 pieces apart to clean.


My unit turn pretty hot after several sessions. Why is this so?

It is normal and you don’t need to worry. Just be careful when touching the unit especially the top part.


What materials can I use with this device?

It is designed mainly for dry herbs. We recommend grinding your herbs evenly to have the hot box perform at its best.

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