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HerbalAire Vaporizer



  HerbalAire Vaporizer
Manufacturer HerbalAire
Method Convection
Compatibility Herbs
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $299.95




What are the 2 ways to use the HerbalAire?

You can choose either the “Whip Mode” (to vaporize using the tube) or the “Balloon Mode” (to use the self-sealing plastic bag that inflates with vapor).


The long is the heat time for this unit?

The HerbalAire gets to optimal temperatures at 5 seconds.


What is the heating element of the HerbalAire?

The Herbalizer features a 300-watt halogen light bulb heat source.


What is your recommended temperature to vaporize ?

We recommend using the temperature of about 350°F.


How long before can I leave the unit idle before it shuts off?

It will automatically shut off at 35 minutes.


What materials can I use with this device?

It is very versatile and can use essential oils, flowers and herbs.

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