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SToK R Series Vaporizer



  SToK R Series Vaporizer
Manufacturer SToK USA
Country of Manufacture United States
Heat Up Time 5 seconds
Heating Element Polycarbonate
Compatibility Waxes
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $49.99






I’m using the SToK R Vaporizer on long deep drags but it stops around 5 seconds?

This is actually safety feature. Try to take drags in less than 5 seconds so you can take a second draw before the safety feature kicks in.


How long with the atomizer last?

Usually 2 months per atomizer on regular use.


How long with the battery last on a full charge?

It can stand at least 24 hours of continuous use which is very convenient.


I charged my SToK R pen for about 2 hours on its initial charge and now it is not keeping its charge, is this a defect?

Your vaporizer pen uses Lithium ion batteries and it needs to basically learn what the full charge is. You would want to get a replacement.


Can I use this with my herbs?

No, the SToK R should be used with e-liquids, Thin Oil, waxes, extracts and resins.


How will I know if my battery is about to die?

The device has a convenient three stage color battery life indicator with an integrated safety shutoff feature.

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