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Micro G-Pen Vaporizer



  Micro G-Pen Vaporizer
Manufacturer Grenco Science
Country of Manufacture United States
Heating Element Ceramic
Compatibility Herb
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $49.95






So I get 2 Micro G-Pens inside the box, any difference between the 2 pens?

The 2 Micro G-Pens are essentially the same. There is however a Snoop dog version, it only includes 1 Micro G Pen but has 3 additional chambers and is used for Herbs. 


How many rips can I get when I fill this completely?

3 regular hits, or 2 strong hits and 1 small hit.


How long with the atomizer last?

Usually 4 - 6 months on regular use. The replacement atomizers are easy to find.


Can I use this with my herbs and dried tobacco?

You must use the G-Pen Ground Material Vaporizer for herbs.

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