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Accessories - FAQs


 Here are the FAQs about Accessories:



What are accessories?

Accessories are additional items that can either improve, clean, or even modify your vaporizers. These items are bought separately to innovate the purpose of your vaporizer. Some of the accessories are cleaning tools specifically designed to maintain and clean your vaporizer.

Other accessories are are used to enhance your vaping experience, making it more entertaining and fun.

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What are tanks?

Tanks are part of accessories for your vaporizers. Generally, tanks are used to have a more volume of ingredients to be heated in the vaporizer. They can hold an extended amount of weed, herbs, or other substances that will make vaping more substantial.  

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What are mods?

Mods are the the main body of the vaporizers; they are in charge of the heating process; it is where the batteries are placed to make the vaporizer work. There are a lot of mods available in the market; pen-type, mechanical/conduction (no control over the heating process), and variable (it is a type of mod where you can adjust the temperature and wattage of the batteries). All of these are examples of mods which has different levels of operation.

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Why do I need accessories?

Accessories are not mandatory in using your vaporizer, but it can significantly increase the satisfaction level on vaping. It can also help prolong the lifespan of your vaporizer; there are various cleaning products and maintenance tool which can preserve the quality of your vaporizer.

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