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Pinnacle Portable Vaporizer



  Pinnacle Portable Vaporizer
Manufacturer The Vaporblunt
Country of Manufacture United States
Heating Element United States
Heat Up Time 90 seconds
Compatibility Herbs and Waxes
Warranty No Warranty
MSRP $149.99









How does the one-touch activation button on the device work?

The blue light is going to flash when it's heating up and when it stays on, you'll know it's full heated at 375°F. If you want to bump up the temperature, click the button again to move the temperature to 390°F.


How is the battery life in this unit?

It is powered by a Lithium ion battery and lasts an hour of continuous use. Make sure that you charge it fully on the first use usually about 3 hours. It comes with a stand and an AC adapter.


Does this package come with the hydro tube?

No, the hydro tube is an additional item that needs to be purchased. This accessory can be attached on the top of the unit to provide a smooth vaping experience.


How long is the warm up time on the Pinnacle

The Pinnacle heats up to its operating temperature in less than 2 minutes and has a safety shutoff timer at 10 minutes to conserve battery life.  

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