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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer



  Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
Manufacturer Magic Flight
Country of Manufacture United States
Heat Up Time 5 seconds
Compatibility Herb
Warranty Lifetime
MSRP $119.00







How fast does the Launch box heat up to operating temperature?

It is extremely fast at 3 seconds. Other portables will take as long as 30 seconds.  


How is the battery life in this unit?

It has 2 external batteries included, and you can use these for an hour. Having the external battery is great when you go out for outdoor activities.


Do I need to stir the material on the trench type chamber while I'm vaping?

Yes, this is recommended to get the best vape quality. You can simply shake the unit to allow the herbs to mix.


Can long can I use the Launch box when vaping continuously?

Each battery will give you 30 minutes of vaping. We recommend that you purchase additional batteries of at least 2000 Mah.  

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