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Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer



  Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer
Manufacturer Arizer
Country of Manufacture Canada
Battery Life 2 hours
Heating element Ceramic
Warranty 2 years
MSRP $109.95






Why do have wildflowers with the package?

You can also use the Solo for aroma therapy using the Potpourri Dish.


Can long will the Solo hold a charge in continuous use?

The Arizer solo boasts the best in class battery performance and you can use the solo continuously for 3 hours.


Do I need to mix and stir my herbs to get the best vape during a session?

The convection type solo efficiently vaporizes herbs and you do not need to stir your herbs.


How fast can it get to my desired vaping temperature?

After starting the solo, it will be ready to vape in less about 1 1/2 minutes.


Can I use the unit while it is being charged?

The solo has a pass-through function and it can be used while being charged. Charging from a fully depleted battery will only take an hour.


I get dry herbs going into my mouth when vaping, do you have a remedy for that?

You can purchase glass screens and cut them to size. These are then fixed on the bottom of the glass mouthpiece and does not affect the vape experience.

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