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Classic Volcano Vaporizer with easy valve set



  Classic Volcano Vaporizer with easy valve set
Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Heat up Time 3 minutes
Method Convection
Warranty 3 years
MSRP $479.00




I have different sized bags included on the Volcano, what are these for?

You have options on the balloon you want to use during a session whether it is for 1 person or several friends. It has a valve that will prevent the vapor from escaping the bag.


What is the optimal temperature range for dry herbs

This depends on the amount of moisture on your material, and we recommend setting it on number 6.


How long is the heat-up time?

This vaporizer heats very quickly and can be used its chosen temperature at only 2 minutes. You will see the yellow light turn off.


The yellow light in my Volcano turns on and off every few minutes, why is this so?

The device is designed to keep the temperature at its optimal level. It continuously monitors the temperature and will turn off the heating element to keep a stable temperature. This will cycle every 2-3 minutes on this device.


How do I fill up the bag with vapor?

Simply attach the bag on top of the unit and turn the green switch on. The bag will be filled in 26-30 seconds. Remove the bag and attach the mouthpiece.


How do I sterilize the Volcano on its first use?

Simply turn the unit on and set the dial to number 9 and let it sit for 20 minutes.


How many balloons can I fill up on 1 load of herbs in the heating chamber?

You can fill up 4 balloons that can give you 5 strong hits per balloon. The Volcano is very efficient.


Can I use essential oils on the Volcano?

Yes you can vaporize essential oil by using the included liquid pad and then setting it inside the heating chamber.


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