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Silver Surfer Vaporizer



  Silver Surfer Vaporizer
Manufacturer 7th Floor
Heat up Time 2-3 minutes
Method Convection
Heating element Ceramic
Warranty 3 years
MSRP $270.00




What do I need to do first before using the unit?

Turn the temperature knob to its highest setting and leave it for 20 minutes.


Since there is no temperature display, where will I set the temperature knob?

We recommend pointing the knob in the middle and take a few draws, you can then turn the knob right or left depending on your preference.


What are the benefits of the standard glass?

You can slowly rotate the wand while taking a draw. This ensures vaping the herbs evenly.


What is the heating element on the Silver Surfer?

The heating element is made out of ceramic. You can see this glowing orange once you turn on the unit.


What materials can I use with this device?

It is designed to be used with herbs.

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