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Cloud 2 Pen Vaporizer



  Cloud 2 Pen Vaporizer
Manufacturer Cloud Pen
Country of Manufacture United States
Charging Time 45 minutes
Heating Element Ceramic
Compatibility Ceramic
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $69.95






Can I also use this for herbs?

The Cloud 2 pen is designed specifically for essential oil and waxes.


Can I use my portable USB phone charger to charge the Cloud 2 pen?

Yes you can. You can also use your car’s USB port and laptop.


How long with the chamber last before it wears out?

With regular use, usually 4 - 6 months. The new chamber is readily available and is very cheap.


What are the different atomizer options for the Cloud 2 pen?

A really innovative oil rig and a flower and herb atomizer.


Any tips for using waxes for better flavor?

Cycle the Cloud 2 with two 15 second holds so that it “seasons” the wax so that it tastes much better.

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