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Atmos RX Vaporizer



  Atmos RX Vaporizer
Manufacturer Atmos
Country of Manufacture United States
Heat Up Time 3-5 seconds
Warranty 3 years
MSRP $69.99




How long do I have to keep on pressing the button to start vaping?

We recommend 10 seconds to heat the herbs inside the chamber before taking the first pull.


I have a hard time taking draws on the Atmos Rx, why is this so?

When filling the chamber, do not pack it down as this will restrict the airflow. Use the attached tool to loosen the herbs.


My unit comes with a glass honeycomb screen with the package, what is this for?

The glass screen is situated between the coil and the herbs so that they do not have any direct contact that causes combustion.


Can I use both waxes and dry herbs on the Rx?

The Rx is designed to be used with both dry herbs and waxes.

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