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Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer



  Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer
Manufacturer Atmos
Country of Manufacture United States
Heat Up Time 3-5 seconds
Heating Element Ceramic
Compatibility Herbs and Waxes
Warranty 1 year
MSRP $44.99





I noticed the vaporizer uses a 510 thread, can I use my other batteries with the Optimus 510?

Yes you can. It’s a very versatile device to use.


What is the best method of filling the device?

You can use normal bottles, but those needle tip bottles work best.


I get a really dry scratchy throat hit when I change the cartomizer, how can I get a good vape right away?

Make sure you put a few drops on the coil and fully saturate the cartomizer. After filling the device, set it aside for about 5 minutes to allow it to soak.


Can I use waxes and dry herbs on the Atmos Optimus 510?

The Optimus 510 is designed to work with oils.

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