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Glasses - FAQs


 Glasses FAQs:


What are glasses?

When it comes to smoking weed, one of the traditional ways to enjoy the experience is using pipes made of glass. It offers a genuine experience that will surely satisfy you.

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How to use it?

Usually, glasses are used with water and cannabis oil, as you slowly try to vaporize the oil, the vapor then goes into the chamber where you can inhale the vapor. There are different types of glasses and how to use them, you just have to read the manual together with the kit for specific instructions about the product.

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How to maintain and clean it?

Depending on the usage of the glass, you need to clean it regularly if you use it often. This then prevents substance buildup which can be toxic if left in the glass. Cleaning it with a cloth or fabric while rinsing with water can be helpful. Avoid using strong substances in cleaning the glass. You can also check the manual on how to properly disassemble the glass pipe and how to clean it.


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